What We Do


design consultancy

We make aesthetics and functionality meet to bring you a home with an exquisite experience made to suit you.


project management service

We make sure your concerns are well taken care of and everything is done without a hitch.


design + fabrication

Fine art and architectural additions in a variety of reclaimed materials fabricated especially for your project

Our Team


The Muse

Pamela is a well of ideas with finesse in thought and speak. Her brilliance, coupled with an unending passion, shows through in her attitude towards her clients in the way she earns their confidence, manages the delivery of expectations and effects lateral thinking in their minds to explore the uncharted. As founder of Third Avenue Studio, positively expect the unexpected.


The Art Connoisseur

Passionately meticulous is how Edwin can be described as an artist. As Third Avenue’s creative director, he is the man behind our eye-catching visions. His mastery of art and design and his perfectionist nature is what ensures the studio’s growing portfolio to be of high quality from concept, to design, to execution.


The Ulitmate Taskmaster

Keeping thins on track and on schedule: that’s Yiping, the ultimate taskmaster. Like a magnifying glass, Yiping zooms in on minute details to ensure design perfection, striking precise balance on aesthetics and functionality of the overall design. Her meticulous and decisive nature as well as her six years in the industry makes her the go-to problem solver in the team.


The Visionary Tranquiliser

Keep calm and design. Lawrence is always calm in dealing with difficult design situations. His passion for art and design drives him to go beyond limitations, and being the daring explorer that he is, Lawrence explores and experiments on new ways to inject elements of nature into his design to achieve harmony, in a whole new level.


The Design Acrobat

Kylie has a knack for all things design. Be it designing spaces or furniture, or graphic and product design, her eye for detail truly makes her a versatile artist. Kylie lives and breathes art even through her lifestyle: visiting galleries, finding culinary art to express herself through baking and coffee, and basking in rich different cultures through travel. She has the passion and the heart of a true designer.

Third Avenue Studio
67 Kim Yam Road
Singapore 239367

t : +65 6737 3667
f : +65 6737 3669
e: enquiry@thirdavenuestudio.com.sg

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